Tectonic Evolution of Taiwan Orogenic Belt


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A convergence rate of ca. 8-9 cm/yr between the Philippine Sea and Eurasia plates resulted in a rapid exhumation of the Taiwan orogen. Lately many new concept and data have been published to discuss the mountain building process such as the high pressure Yuli belt resulted from Cenozoic subduction and exhumation processes and the exhumation rate is accelerating rather steady for the Taiwan orogen. Considering those new data and concept, it is crucial to revisit the mountain building process of the Taiwan orogenic belt. We therefore propose a special issue “Tectonic Evolution of Taiwan Orogenic Belt” that will focus on metamorphism process, thermochronology dating, structural characteristics, exhumation process, neotectonic, and seismotectonics of the Taiwan orogeny.


Guest Editors 

Ruey-Juin Rau
Department of Earth Sciences, National Cheng Kung University
(Executive Guest Editor, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Yuan-Hsi Lee
Department of Earth and Environment Sciences, National Chung-Cheng University


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