Taiwan-Philippine VOTE-Meteorology: Typhoon study and related natural hazard


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The special issue is proposed to solicit papers related to the goal of the Taiwan-Philippines VOTE-Meteorology project: improvement of forecast capability on weather, marine meteorology and short range climate. The Taiwan-Philippines VOTE-Meteorology project is an integrated projected funded by the MOST of Taiwan for the three years 2016-2019. The integrated project consists of three sub-projects. The first sub-project is focused on Typhoon formation, structure, and intensity change in western NP and wave observation and modeling. The 2nd sub-project is on Heavy Rain Monitoring and Forecasting in the Mountainous Area and Early Warning Landslides. The 3rd sub-project focuses on Observations and dynamical downscaling of seasonal and sub-seasonal forecast.

The integrated project is rooted in the long-term collaboration on Meteorology science and technology because both countries have experienced stronger and more frequent nature disasters, such as typhoons and heavy rains, and tremendous property damages and human casualty have made both countries one of the most risk regions exposing to nature hazard threat.


Guest Editors 

Fang‐Ching Chien
Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University
(Executive Guest Editor, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Wan-Ru Huang
Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University


Important dates

Manuscript submission deadline: December 31, 2020 -> February 28, 2021

Revision in final form: March 31, 2021 -> May 31, 2021

Submit to the TAO office: May 15, 2021 -> July 15, 2021

Tentative publication: June, 2021 -> October, 2021


How to submit your paper

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Please select the title of “Taiwan-Philippine VOTE-Meteorology: Typhoon study and related natural hazard” in the Section/Category of Special Issue.

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