Vol. 27, No. 3
June 2016

Table of Contents

Terrestrial, Atmospheric and
Oceanic Sciences (TAO)

1017-0839 (Print)
2311-7680 (Online)

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  • Impact of the Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation on the Western North Pacific Typhoons and Rainfall in Taiwan
    • Treat full-waveform LiDAR point clouds as volumetric data sets.
    • 3D texture measures were used for LiDAR feature extraction.
    • 3D texture features improve LiDAR land-cover classification.
    • Author(s): Chih-wen Hung, Ho-Jiunn Lin, Pei-ken Kao, Ming-fu Shih, and Wei-yi Fong
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.05.30.01(A)
    • Key words: boreal summer intraseasonl oscillation, Madden–Julian Oscillation, typhoon, Taiwan
  • Trends of Surface Wind Energy near Taiwan in Winter since 1871
    • Wintertime surface wind speed near Taiwan has been weakening
    • The decreased wind speed is attributable to less SST warming in North Pacific
    • Air-sea interaction enhances the southerly wind anomalies near Taiwan in winter
    • Author(s): Lei Zhang, Tim Li, and Mong-Ming Lu
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.04.29.01(A)
    • Key words: surface wind trend near Taiwan, SST trend pattern, global warming
  • Near Surface CO2 Triple Oxygen Isotope Composition
    • Author(s): Sasadhar Mahata, Chung-Ho Wang, Sourendra Kumar Bhattacharya, and Mao-Chang Liang
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2015.09.16.01(A)
    • Key words: Oxygen anomaly, Biogeochemistry, Carbon and water cycling
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  • FS5 Sun Exposure Survivability Analysis
    • Sun irradiance is evaluated at the image sensor in an RSI.
    • The RSI image sensor sun exposure survival test.
    • The evaluation and test results proved the RSI image sensor survivability.
    • Author(s): Ming-Ying Hsu, Shenq-Tsong Chang, and Ting-Ming Huang
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.17.01(EOF5)
    • Key words: RSI, Radiometry, Radiance, ASH
  • Diurnal Variation of Solar-blind Ultraviolet Upwelling Radiance Led by Observation Geometry Factors on Geostationary Attitude Sensor Limb Viewing
    • Features of SBUV earth image are assessed based on all-time simulation
    • A optimal spectral range is confirmed for recognizing available earth limb image
    • Point having high radiance and contrast simultaneously is nonexistent on earth limb
    • Author(s): Chun-guang Lyu, Jia Tian, Wen-bo Yang, Qing-jiu Tian, Ying-hao Lin, Zong-ming Liu, and Han-mo Zhang
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.05.11.01(AA)
    • Key words: passive remote sensing, optical spectrum analysis, solar-blind ultraviolet, limb viewing, MODTRAN4, geostationary orbit
  • The Application of Composite Materials on FORMOSAT-5 Remote Sensing Instrument Structure
    • Manufacturing process of CFRP materials on FORMOSAT-5 RSI structure was verified.
    • Launch load impacts on RSI structure integrity were assessed and verified.
    • RSI structure moisture desorption methodology has been effectively applied.
    • Author(s): Jen-Chueh Kuo, Heng-Chuan Hung, Mei-Yi Yang, Chia-Ray Chen, and Jer Lin
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.04.17.01(EOF5)
    • Key words: CTE, CFRP, RSI
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  • A Framework for Assessing Risk to Coastal Ecosystems in Taiwan Due to Climate Change
    • A framework was developed to assess coastal risks due to climate change in Taiwan.
    • Climatic hazards, event exposure, and ecosystem vulnerability were considered.
    • Seagrass beds, algal reefs, and coral reefs are at high ecological risk.
    • Author(s): Ming-Chih Chiu, Ching-Wen Pan, and Hsing-Juh Lin
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.30.01(CCA)
    • Key words: Acidification, Exposure, Hazard, Sea level rise, Warming, Vulnerability
  • Procedure for Selecting GCM Datasets for Climate Risk Assessment
    • It is needed to classify weather stations into climate zones and then suggest GCM.
    • The WAR and DPS would be useful for ranking GCMs.
    • The procedure can be applied to other regions to select the GCM datasets.
    • Author(s): Chia-Yu Lin and Ching-Pin Tung
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.14.01(CCA)
    • Key words: GCMs, Climate Risk, Adaptation, Global Warming, Climate Change
  • Landslide Trends Under Extreme Climate Event
    • Author(s): Chyi-Tyi Lee
    • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.05.28.01(CCA)
    • Key words: Landslides, rainfall events, landslide trend, extreme climate
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