Cover image provider: Yu-Tsung Lo, Hsin-Hua Huang, and Horng-Yuan Yen


A review on precursors of the 1999 Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquake
Author(s): Jeen-Hwa Wang
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.03.24.01
Pages: 275-304
Published in Geophysics

Probing depth origin of gravity anomalies in Taiwan through 3-D coherent velocity model
Author(s): Yu-Tsung Lo, Hsin-Hua Huang, and Horng-Yuan Yen
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.04.30.01
Pages: 305-317
Published in Geophysics

A petrological experiment on Emeishan basalt: Implications for the formation of syenite from the Baima igneous complex
Author(s): Wen-Yu Hsia, J. Gregory Shellnutt, Teh-Ching Liu, and Yoshiyuki Iizuka
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.01.30.01
Pages: 319-338
Published in Geology

Holocene fluvial landscape evolution driven by sea level and tectonic controls in the Gangkou River, Hengchun Peninsula
Author(s): Jia-Hong Chen, Shyh-Jeng Chyi, Jiun-Yee Yen, Lih-Der Ho, Christopher L?thgens, Pei-Ling Wang, Li-Hung Lin, I-Chin Yen, Chia-Hung Jen, and Jyh-Jaan Steven Huang
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.04.08.01
Pages: 339-360
Published in Geology

Sensitivity of simulated storm life span to ventilation parameterization in a cloud resolving model
Author(s): Yen-Liang Chou, Pao K. Wang, and Kai-Yuan Cheng
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.06.02.01
Pages: 361-374
Published in Atmospheric Science

Coastal inundation modeling and mapping for North Jakarta coast during a supermoon period
Author(s): Nelly Florida Riama, Riri Fitri Sari, Widada Sulistya, Henita Rahmayanti, Khafid Rizki Pratama, Bayu Edo Pratama, and Arief Wibowo Suryo
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.04.02.01
Pages: 375-390
Published in Oceanic Science

Phytoplankton production and consumption rate in the warm and cold seasons in the coastal ecosystem of Matsu Island
Author(s): An-Yi Tsai, Gwo-Ching Gong, Kuo-Ping Chiang, and Sheng-Fang Tsai
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.05.15.01
Pages: 391-398
Published in Oceanic Science

Carbonate chemistry of the Dongsha Atoll Lagoon in the northern South China Sea
Author(s): Lan-Feng Fan, Song-Quan Qiu, and Wen-Chen Chou
DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2021.05.15.02
Pages: 399-409
Published in Oceanic Science

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