Time of a Near Holocene Volcanic Eruption in the Tatun Volcano Group, Northern Taiwan: Evidence from AMS Radiocarbon Dating of Charcoal Ash from Sediments of the Sungshan Formation in Taipei Basin

  • Author(s): Cheng-Hong Chen, George S. Burr, and Szu-Bin Lin
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Volcanic eruption, Tatun Volcano Group, AMS dating

Using the charcoal ash in the Kuandu well of the Taipei Basin sediments as dating material, we obtain an AMS radiocarbon result with a 14C age of 16950 + - 150 yrBP (calendar age of 19814 - 20431 yrBP). Regarding the charcoal ash as a likely remnant of a forest fire caused by volcanic eruptions, this result confirms our earlier report that there was a volcanic event around 20 Ka in the Tatun Volcano Group.

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