• Author(s): Che-Min Lin, Tao-Ming Chang, Kuo-Liang Wen, Chun-Hsiang Kuo, and Hung-Hao Hsieh
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.09.23.01(T)
  • Keywords: Mingjian earthquake, Thin-skinned model, Chi-Chi earthquake, Décollement
Published in Geophysics
  • Author(s): Jeen-Hwa Wang, Kou-Cheng Chen, Win-Gee Huang, Kao-Hao Chang, Jeng-Cheng Wang, and Pei-Ling Leu
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.09.09.01(T)
  • Keywords: Earthquakes, Epicentral and hypocentral distributions, Inter-event time, Multifractal
Published in Geophysics
  • Author(s): Kuei-Pao Chen, Yi-Ben Tsai, Wen-Yen Chang, and Ming-Wey Huang
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.08.20.01(T)
  • Keywords: Branching aftershock sequence, Forecasting, Magnitude difference, Omori’s law
Published in Geophysics
  • Author(s): Qing Huo and Xuhui Cai
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.09.23.01(A)
  • Keywords: Dispersion, Elevated source, Ground-level concentration, Lagrangian stochastic model
Published in Atmospheric Science
  • Author(s): Sang-Keun Song and Zang-Ho Shon
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.09.04.01(A)
  • Keywords: Troposphere, Aircraft Emission, Greenhouse gas, Air pollutants
Published in Atmospheric Science
  • Author(s): Jiaxin Jin, Hong Jiang, Changhui Peng, Xiuying Zhang, Ying Wang, and Jinyin Wang
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.08.20.01(A)
  • Keywords: GIMMS NDVI, Climate changing, NSTEC (North-South Transect of Eastern China), Forest, Vegetation greening, Vegetation browning
Published in Atmospheric Science
  • Author(s): Jia Liu, Xinyong Shen, and Xiaofan Li
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.08.02.01(A)
  • Keywords: Radiative effects of water and ice clouds, Heat budget, Cloud microphysical budget, Surface rainfall budget
Published in Atmospheric Science
  • Author(s): Kuo-Tung Jiann, Liang-Saw Wen, and Ching-Ling Wei
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.09.13.01(Oc)
  • Keywords: Hydrology, Trace metals, Nutrients, Taiwan, Coastal water
Published in Oceanic Science
  • Author(s): Ming-An Lee, Yi-Chou Yang, Yi-Lo Shen, Yi Chang, Wann-Sheng Tsai, Kuo-Wei Lan, and Yi-Chun Kuo
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.08.06.01(Oc)
  • Keywords: Sea surface temperature, La Niña, Taiwan Strait, China Coastal Current
Published in Oceanic Science
  • Author(s): N. Peter Benny, Daisuke Ambe, K. Rayaroth Mridula, Sahrum Ses, Kamaludin Mohd Omar, and Mohd Razali Mahmud
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2013.08.05.01(Oc)
  • Keywords: South Indian Ocean, Circulation, Currents, Satellite altimetry, Surface drifter
Published in Oceanic Science