Published in Geophysics
Published in Geophysics
  • Author(s): Haekal A. Haridhi, Bor-Shouh Huang, Kuo-Liang Wen, Deni Denzema, R. Agung Prasetyo, and Chao-Shing Lee
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2018.08.22.01
  • Keywords: Sumatra Subduction zone Seismicity Fracture zone Splay fault Tsunami
  • Citation: Haridhi, H. A., B.-S. Huang, K.-L. Wen, D. Denzema, R. A. Prasetyo, and C.-S. Lee, 2018: A study of large earthquake sequences in the Sumatra subduction zone and its possible implications. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 29, 635-652, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2018.08.22.01
Published in Geophysics
  • Author(s): Jui-lin F. Li, Seungwon Lee, Hsi-Yen Ma, G. Stephens, and Bin Guan
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2018.07.04.01
  • Keywords: GCM LWC CloudSat CMIP5
  • Citation: Li, J. F., S. Lee, H.-Y. Ma, G. Stephens, and B. Guan, 2018: Assessment of the cloud liquid water from climate models and reanalysis using satellite observations. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 29, 653-678, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2018.07.04.01
Published in Atmospheric Science
  • Author(s): Chia-Chi Wang, Huang-Hsiung Hsu, Yu-Luen Chen, Jun-Kai Yang, and Meng-Pai Hung
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2018.07.18.01
  • Keywords: Single model ensemble Interannual variability Climate simulation
  • Citation: Wang, C.-C., H.-H. Hsu, Y.-L. Chen, J.-K. Yang, and M.-P. Hung, 2018: The influence of single model ensemble on the simulated extratropical interannual variability. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 29, 679-694, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2018.07.18.01
Published in Atmospheric Science
Published in Atmospheric Science
  • Author(s): Sung-Ho Na, Jungho Cho, Ki-Weon Seo, Kook-Hyoun Youm, and Wenbin Shen
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2018.08.24.01
  • Keywords: Polar motion Atmospheric excitation Siberia
  • Citation: Na, S.-H., J. Cho, K.-W. Seo, K.-H. Youm, and W. Shen, 2018: A note on the annual wobble excitation due to the seasonal atmospheric loading on continents. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 29, 721-729, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2018.08.24.01
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