Acid Deposition in the Vicinity of a Super Thermal Power Plant in India


An Acid deposition study was conducted in the vicinity of a Super Thermal Power Plant at Singrauli, Uttar Pradesh State in India. During the monsoon season of 1992, rain water samples were collected at three sites around the power plant. Measurements of trace gases (SO2, NO2, NH3 and O3) and Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) were also carried out for a period of 10 days during the monsoon season. Rain water samples were analyses for pH and all major inorganic ionic species. The high concentration of TSP (196£gg m-3) observed near the power plant may have been due to fly ash emissions from coal combustion, coal dust from the nearby coal mines and from soil dust. It was found that the rain water which was acidic in the vicinity of the power plant turned to alkaline as the distance increased from the power plant.

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