Study of Interrelation among Various Surface Layer Parameters during Pre-monsoon and Monsoon Phases over Jodhpur (26°18'N, 73°04'E), India


During the monsoon period of the year 1990, a micrometeorological tower of 30 m in height was erected at Jodhpur, India, as a part of the multi-institutional field experiment MONTBLEX'90. Various sensors were mounted in the tower to capture different meteorological phenomenon as accurately as possible. The objective of the present work is to study the response of these sensors and then derive different surface layer parameters from it, together with the statistical interrelation between these parameters. Simultaneously, specific weather conditions during a selective period of study have been considered to observe the change in the performance of the instruments. Also how this change affects the surface layer parameters with the presence of a typical weather system has been examined. Finally the analysis shows that the surface layer parameters have good interrelation during deep convective situations.

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