Preface to the Special Issue on Severe Weather Research in Taiwan


The special section of “Severe Weather Research in Taiwan” is printed in this volume. There are total of 5 papers in this special section. The call-for-paper for this special section started on 2002 right after the “International Conference on Mesoscale Meteorology and Typhoon in East Asia” held at Taiwan in September 2001 and organized by Taiwan Weather Research Program Office and the Chinese Geoscience Union. It was a lengthy process. Totally there were 9 papers submitted and only 5 of them got accepted through the review processes. The papers published consist of a wide spectrum, from summertime hailstorm in the Taipei basin (Chen and Chou) to Mei-Yu rainfall estimation by using satellite (Hu and Chen) and to typhoon studies. There are 3 papers related to typhoon research, i.e., the simulation of discontinuous track of Typhoon Dot (1990) while passing by the Taiwan Island by using MM5 (Jian et al.), formation of Typhoon Robyn (1993) by numerical simulation (Cheung and Elsberry), and concentric eyewall formation study by using simple axis-symmetric model (Peng et al.).

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