Simulation of the Taiwan climate using the Hadley Centre PRECIS regional climate modelling system: The 1979-1981 results


In this paper we describe the simulation of Taiwan's climate for the period 1979 - 1981 using the Hadley Centre PRECIS (Providing Regional Climates for Impact Studies) regional climate modeling system. The PRECIS simulations of surface precipitation and temperature have been compared in detail with the Central Weather Bureau measurements, and also with outputs from the IPCC global climate models such as the HadCM3, the CCSR, and the NCEP 50-year reanalysis data. Our results show that the very complicated spatial patterns of surface rainfall as revealed from the measurements can only be reproduced using the PRECIS model. The inter-annual variability in rainfall has shown to be well reproduced by the PRECIS model. The PRECIS model also demonstrates a good capability in simulating the spatial distribution of surface temperature over the whole of Taiwan, especially over Taiwan¡¦s Central Mountain Range. Since the PRECIS simulations were produced in combination with the ERA-15 global model results, our results show that a good way forward in conducting regional climate modeling at the national level requires the use of both global climate models and high resolution regional climate models.

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