To Construct an Effective Coefficient of Aerosol Size Distribution for Atmospheric Turbidity Retrieval


Due to the complexity in the composition and variability of aerosols, it is difficult to employ a simple and straightforward physical model in calculating the coefficient ( α ) used to describe the size and distribution of aerosols in the absence of actual data. This problem complicates the already difficult retrieval of various atmospheric parameters from remotely sensed data. Thus, the main purpose of this study is to find an alternate effective aerosol size coefficient that can replace α, and be stable under normal atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, this coefficient should be such that it can be employed in retrieving the atmospheric turbidity from satellite data when the value of α is unknown. This paper also strives to construct an "effective aerosol size coefficient" database for each respective season. Such a database could supply pertinent information on the atmosphere's opacity quickly and effectively.

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