A Preliminary Analysis of the Taiwan Hualien Radar Data

  • Author(s): Alfred T.C.Chang, Long S.Chiu, Tai-Chi Chen Wang, Pay-Liam Lin, Gin-Rong Liu
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Two months of data collected by the meteorological radar in Hualien, Taiwan, and the available rain gauge data in the radar-covered area, are examined. These periods correspond to the times of the Algorithm Intercomparison Program conducted by the Global Precipitation Climatology Project in the Japan area. Statistical analysis showed little range dependence of radar reflectivity, in contrast to the findings of Petty and Katsaros for the Taiwan Area Mesoscale Experiment (TAMEX), indicating that the range dependence of the radar has been accounted for. A period of anomalously high reflectivity was detected. Infrared imagery from the GMS satellite showed the absence of cloud for the same period, suggesting the possibility of anomalous propagation (AP). Monthly mean radar rain rates compare favorably with the gauge averages, GOES Precipitation Index, and with Special Sensor Microwave Imager (SSM/I) estimates.

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