Finding of Probable Tsunami Boulders on Jiupeng Coast in Southeastern Taiwan

  • Author(s): Nobuhisa Matta, Yoko Ota, Wen-Shan Chen, Yuka Nishikawa, Masataka Ando, and Ling-Ho Chung
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2012.09.14.01(TT)
  • Keywords: Tsunami boulder, Radiocarbon age, Southeastern coast of Taiwan



We find three coral boulders (approx. 5 m across) resting on the Holocene coral terrace on the Jiupeng coast of southeastern Taiwan. Three exotic corals on the outer part of the boulders are dated at ca. 5000 yr BP which is similar to that of in situ corals composing the Holocene terrace. We interpret that these boulders were broken off from the coral terrace and were transported by tsunami waves, although the timing of the paleotsunami is not determined at this stage.

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