Initial Science Report of Shallow Drilling Penetrating into the Chelungpu Fault Zone, Taiwan

  • Author(s): Hidemi Tanaka, Chien-Ying Wang, Wei-Min Chen, Arito Sakaguchi, Kotaro Ujiie, Hisao Ito, Masataka Ando
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The Chelungpu fault, a reverse fault with left lateral component dipping moderately to the east, was activated by the Chi-Chi earthquake (Mw = 7.6) in 21 September, 1999 with maximum vertical and lateral offsets of 5.6 m and 9.8 m. Characteristics of earthquake and related phenomena are contrasting between northen and southern regions along the Chelungpu fault. The northern region has (1) larger displacements (4 to 9 m), (2) low frequency seismic waves with higher velocity of slip surface, and (3) less disastrous except the most northern area compared to those in the southern region. Drilling into the Chelungpu fault was thus conducted at two locations, northern (Fengyuan) and southern (Nantou) sites, and successfully completed in March 2001. The project was motivated to explore the fundamental controlling factors of the mode of slip motion at northern and southern regions through analysis of intrafault materials.

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