Static Stress Transfer between the Chinshan and Shanchiao Faults in the Taipei Metropolitan Area


In the Taipei Metropolitan Area, there is a significant problem to be resolved: Can two major active faults, i.e., the Chinshan and Shanchiao faults fail simultaneously? The two faults are both normal faulting based upon recent observations. In order to explore this problem, the static stress transfer between the two faults has been analyzed. We compute the static Coulomb failure stress changes, ΔCFS, on a fault plane due to a failure of the neighboring fault. Numerical computations are conducted for the combinations of three different dip and rake angles of the two fault planes. Results show that the Chinshan fault can be more likely triggered by a failure of the Shanchiao fault. Rupture of a fault is more capable of triggering the neighboring fault, when the rake angle of the ruptured fault is toward than opposite to the striking direction of the to-be-triggered fault.


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