Dendroclimatological Reconstruction for the Last Sub-millennium in Central Japan


Annually resolved winter temperature and summer precipitation of Central Japan were reconstructed for the past 800 years, back to AD 1177 from an absolutely dated ring-width chronology of Chamaecyparis obtuse. This chronology was constructed from 300-year-old living trees and old logs of early modern and medieval origins that exist in hundreds in the Kiso Forest on the foothills of Mt. Ontake (3,063 m a.s.l.). In general agreement with the well established past climatic change in Europe, the reconstructed winter temperature showed three distinctively different phases, i.e. a cooling trend toward the mid 1200s possibly corresponding to the termination of the Medieval Warm Epoch, followed by a long cold spell corresponding to the Little Ice Age till the early 1800s, and then by a conspicuous warming trend continuing up to present.

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