A New Strong-motion Array in Taiwan: SMART-2

  • Author(s): Hung-Chie Chiu, Yeong Tien Yeh, Shean-Der Ni. Long Lee, Wen-Hsiang Liu, Gin-Fu Wen, Chun-Chi Liu
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A new strong-motion array named SMART-2 has been deployed in the northern part of the Longitudinal Valley in Hualien, Taiwan. It consists of 40 free-field and 4 downhole-accelerometer stations (three in the Dahan Vertical Array and one in the Junkung Vertical Array). This array is designed mainly for the study of the rupture process of earthquake faulting and the characteristics of near-source ground motions. However, this high-quality (precise timing and high resolution) data set might be of further use in a variety of research areas both in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering.

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