A review on studies of the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake for resolving the debatable problems in earthquake physics

  • To review the debatable problems
  • To review the observations
  • To resolve the debatable problems

There have been several long-term debatable problems in earthquake physics: (1) the strain problem (localized versus non-localized); (2) the stress problem (high versus low); (3) the heat flux problem (high versus low); (4) the stress drop problem (high versus low); (5) the source spectral problem (ω-2 versus ω-3); (6) the seismic efficiency problem (high versus low); and (7) the earthquake recurrence problem (timepredictable versus slip-predictable). The studies of the 20 September 1999 Ms 7.6 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquake can be applied to explore these debatable problems.

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