Updates to the on-land seismogenic structure source database by the Taiwan Earthquake Model (TEM) project for seismic hazard analysis of Taiwan

  • The on-land seismogenic structure database of Taiwan has been updated
  • The updated database has a total of 45 structures, including 7 newly added ones
  • Structural parameters were also systematically updated based on new information

To provide information towards understanding Taiwan’s earthquake hazard and risk, the multi-disciplinary Taiwan Earthquake Model (TEM) project, supported by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology, had prepared and published a first version of seismic hazard assessment maps of Taiwan in 2016, together with an on-land seismogenic structure database of the island. In the years following the publication of this first version, we have constructed an updated version of this database. Seven structures were identified and added to the database. Based on additional information, we have also updated the structural parameters of four existing structures, as well as systematically updated the parameters of all structures to include more complete parameter uncertainties. This update of the database represents the most up-to-date information of seismogenic structures in Taiwan, and would provide better constraints for future seismic hazard assessment and mitigation studies.

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