Hydrographic and Satellite Observations of Summertime Upwelling in the Taiwan Strait: A Preliminary Description


Combination of the hydrographic and satellite-derived Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data provides new evidence for the existence of four upwelling-related Low Temperature Zones (LTZs) in the Taiwan Strait in summer. These LTZs are located along the southwestern coast of the Taiwan Strait (SE-LTZ), along the northwestern coast of the Taiwan Strait (NW-LTZ), near the Taiwan Bank (TB-LTZ) and around the Penghu Islands (PH-LTZ), respectively. The hydrographic data from three August salinity (greater than 34) at the surface layer. Four years of higher resolution AVHRR satellite-derived SST data clearly indicate the summertime pattern of these upwelling-related LTZs and demonstrate their inter-annual and inter-monthly variability.

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