Kuroshio Meandering and Eddy Formation to the East of Taiwan and Their Reflection in Potassium Fields


CTD data collected during the KEEP-MASS expedition on the R/V ¡¨Akademik Alexandr Vinogradov¡¨ (ROC-Russia Marine Science Collaboration Project, cruise V23/KM92, July, 1992) were used for dynamic calculations of the currents observed to the east of Taiwan Island. Water circulation in the study area was analyzed on the basis of the surface chart of dynamic topography and distributions of meridianal and zonal components of current velocity fields. Based on the dynamic topography chart in the area to the east of Taiwan, the Kuroshio current is represented by two branches. One narrow branch runs along the eastern coast and forms a number of eddies when turning into the Okinawa Trough. Another branch separates from the coastal one near Lanhsu Island and generates anticyclonic and cyclonic meanders to the south-east of Taiwan. This circulation schematic is indirectly supported by the characteristics of potassium and the K/Cl ratio distribution.

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