Mineral-geochemical Association in Bottom Sediments of the East China Sea


Geochemistry and mineralogy of grain-size fractions from Holocene sediments of the East China Sea and the adjacent region have been investigated. The correlation between minerals and chemical element contents was determined for both sandy and clayey fractions. The averages contents of rockforming and some rare elements were found changing from coarse to fine fractions with the decrease in SiO2 and the increase in actually all other elements. In general, geochemical differences between coarses and fines fractions are equivalent to acidic and intermediate (or basis) igneous rock. Statistical cluster analysis for rock-forming and some rare elements in 1-5µm fractions revealed three zones having different sediment sources. The central zone occupied the whole outer East China Sea Shelf. Sediments (1-5µm fraction) supply sources for it are terrigenous discharge from Taiwan Island and the Philippine Archipelago.

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