Exploring Quaternary Variability of the East Asia Monsoon, Kuroshio Current, and Western Pacific Warm Pool Systems: High-Resolution Investigations of Paleoceanography from the IMAGES III(MD106)-IPHIS Cruise


We present the highlights of 1996-1998 Taiwan IMAGES program, describing the objectives and some of the preliminary results from the third cruise in the western Pacific and the South China Sea (IMAGES III/MD106 ¡V IPHIS Cruise). This cruise was successfully completed in June, 1997, with the cooperation of scientists form six countries. Specifically, we introduce the primary goals of the studies conducted in the South China Sea, which were mainly proposed and designed by scientists form Taiwan to further enhance our understanding of Quaternary variability in the East Asia monsoon, the Kuroshio Current, and the western Pacific warm pool systems. We also briefly describe the cores obtained form the South China Sea during this cruise and the preliminary scientific results drawn form shipboard measurements of the cores.

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