Aragonitic Pteropod Flux to the Interior of the East Sea (Sea of Japan)


Monthly aragonite fluxes of cosomatous pteropods in the deep Japan Basin in the East Sea (Japan Sea) were estimated using a bottom tethered time-series sediment trap for the 1-year period from July 1994 to August 1995. The trap with 13 time-series sediment collectors was placed at 2.8 km below the surface and 0.3 km above the bottom. It collected setting particles during twelve 30 or 31-day intervals over a total of 365 days. A single species of Limacina helicina dominated the settling pteropods. The annual pterpod flux at the depth of 2.8 km over 12-month period was 2328 individuals m-2yr-1. The fall-winter pteropod downward flux during the period of 19 November to 18 December 1994 may account 67% of the annual pteropod flux.

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