Age Model and Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy of Site ODP1202 in the Southern Okinaw a Trough, Northwestern Pacific


The two sedimentary sequences drilled at Holes 1202B and 1202D were correlated based upon direct lithologic observation, shipboard logging of magnetic susceptibility, and bulk density to form a stacked record of 410 m in length. Calcareous nannofossil and planktic foraminiferal occurrences confine the bottom of the record to be younger than 85 ka, whereas the sediments in the interval ~225 - 280 mbsf in Hole 1202D are apparently of turbidite origin. Eleven AMS carbon-14 datings of planktic foraminifera and scaphopod samples from Hole 1202B suggest that the upper 110 m has a continuous record dating back over the past 28 thousand years.

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