Conformity of MUSLE Estimates and Erosion Plot Data for Storm-Wise Sediment Yield Estimation


In this study, the conformity of mathematical model of the MUSLE for the estimation of storm-wise sediment yield in plots was examined at Matash Ranch in northern Iran. For the measurement of sediment yield, three plots were established within each openly grazed and manually harvested area. The MUSLE model was applied through determining the entire required inputs for the study plots of 24 storm events, which occurred during the study period from May to September 2004. The quantity results were then statistically compared using paired t-Test analysis. The results of the study verified the disability of the model in sound prediction of sediment yield on storm basis for the study area. Additionally, a high level of agreement beyond 86% was found between estimated and measured sediment yield which created the possibility of comparative evaluation of the effects of different land use managerial approaches on sediment yield in the study area.

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