Earth’s Atmospheric Electricity Parameter Response During Venus Transit


Venus transited across the Sun on 06 June 2012, introducing significant contribution to the tidal characteristics of the solar atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere was perturbed due to an anomalous Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and γ-radiation in- fluenced by the solar tide due to Venus transit, thereby the Earth-ionosphere waveguide characteristics were changed. In this anomalous situation we measured some atmospheric electricity parameters such as Schumann resonance (SR) amplitude, very low frequency (VLF) sferics, subionospheric transmitted signals and the point discharge current (PDC) along with the vertical electrical potential gradient (PG) at the ground surface on the day of transit. The results showed some remarkable variations during the transit as well as pre- and post-transit periods. The observed anomalies in the recorded data were interpreted in terms of the anomalous solar tidal effects initiated due to Venus transit.

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