Measurement of Various Atmospheric Parameters During a Total Solar Eclipse


The measurements of solar radiation in the IR spectral region is of great significance in understanding physics, chemistry and the radiation budget of the atmosphere. The occurrence of a total solar eclipse on October 24, 1995 at New Delhi provided a unique opportunity to take some special solar radiation measurements in an infrared spectral region with the use of an IR photometer, the experiments were conducted during, after and before the total eclipse at Neem Ka Thana (75°47'E, 27°47'N) and New Delhi (77°13'E, 28°39'N) in the spectral ranges of 0.75 to 1.6 μm and 2.5 to 14.5 μm respectively. The measurements were used to estimate the water vapour (0.94 μm and 1.14 μm), Ozone (9.6 μm) etc. A significant variation in IR solar irradiance at various window wavelengths during the solar eclipse was observed. Also measurements of temperature and humidity were made. In the present paper, the experimental set-up and results are discussed in detail.

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