• Author(s): Shu-Ping Weng
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Climate change, Drought index, Taiwan, Global warming
  • Citation: Weng, S. P., 2016: Constructing a 1-km gridded multi-scalar drought index dataset (1960 - 2012) in Taiwan based on the standardized precipitation evapotranspiration index-SPEI. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 625-648, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.13.02
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Yu-Shiang Tung, Cheng-Ta Chen, Seung-Ki Min, and Lee-Yaw Lin
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Extreme rainfall, Climate change, GEV
  • Citation: Tung, Y. S., C. T. Chen, S. K. Min, and L. Y. Lin, 2016: Evaluating extreme rainfall changes over Taiwan using a standardized index. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 705-715, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.13.03
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Chih-Hua Tsou, Pei-Yu Huang, Chia-Ying Tu, Cheng-Ta Chen, Teng-Ping Tzeng, and Chao-Tzuen Cheng
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Tropical storm, High Resolution Atmospheric Model (HiRAM), Future projection, Global warming
  • Citation: Tsou, C. H., P. Y. Huang, C. Y. Tu, C. T. Chen, T. P. Tzeng, and C. T. Cheng, 2016: Present simulation and future typhoon activity projection over western North Pacific and Taiwan/East Coast of China in 20-km HiRAM climate model. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 687-703, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.13.04
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Mong-Ming Lu, Yin-Min Cho, Yun-Ching Lin, and Norden E. Huang
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Taiwan temperature, Multidecadal climate variability, AMO, PDO
  • Citation: Lu, M. M., Y. M. Cho, Y. C. Lin, and N. E. Huang, 2016: Atlantic and Pacific multidecadal variability influence on Taiwan winter temperature centennial trend during the period 1911 - 2010. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 605-615, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.30.02
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Yi-Chiung Chao, Hsin-Chi Li, Jun-Jih Liou, and Yung-Ming Chen
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Dynamic downscaling, Extreme typhoon events, Critical discharge, Bed change processes
  • Citation: Chao, Y. C., H. C. Li, J. J. Liou, and Y. M. Chen, 2016: Extreme bed changes in the Gaoping River under climate change. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 717-727, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.06.30.03
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Yuan-Fong Su, Chao-Tzuen Cheng, Jun-Jih Liou, Yung-Ming Chen, and Akio Kitoh
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Bias correction, Dynamic downscaling dataset, Daily solar radiation, Hourly typhoon rainfall
  • Citation: Su, Y. F., C. T. Cheng, J. J. Liou, Y. M. Chen, and A. Kitoh, 2016: Bias correction of MRI-WRF dynamic downscaling datasets. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 649-657, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.07.14.01
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Hsiao-Ping Wei, Hsin-Chi Li, Keh-Chia Yeh, Jun-Jih Liou, Yung-Ming Chen, and Hsuan-Ju Lin
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Climate change, Flood control measures, Flood disaster, SOBEK, TLAS
  • Citation: Wei, H. P., H. C. Li, K. C. Yeh, J. J. Liou, Y. M. Chen, and H. J. Lin, 2016: Using structural measures to reduce flood losses in a future extreme weather event. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 757-767, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.07.14.02
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Tingyeh Wu, Hung-Ju Shih, Hsin-Chi Li, Yuan-Fong Su, and Yung-Ming Chen
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: Shallow landslide, Climate change, Scenario simulation, Landslide ratio, Sediment volume
  • Citation: Wu, T., H. J. Shih, H. C. Li, Y. F. Su, and Y. M. Chen, 2016: Landslide impact assessment using projection rainfall data from climate change scenario. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 729-740, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.07.18.03
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Yun-Ju Chen, Jung-Lien Chu, Ching-Pin Tung, and Keh Chia Yeh
  • DOI:


  • Keywords: RCP, Statistical downscaling, Water balance model, Variance, GCM
  • Citation: Chen, Y. J., J. L. Chu, C. P. Tung, and K. C. Yeh, 2016: Climate change impacts on streamflow in Taiwan catchments based on statistical downscaling data. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 27, 741-755, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.07.20.01
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Yi-Ling Chang, Hsi-Chyi Yeh, Gin-Rong Liu, Chian-Yi Liu, Chung-Chih Liu, and Tang-Huang Lin
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.08.17.01(CCA)
  • Keywords: Typhoon rainfall potential, Southwesterly monsoon, Low-level wind speed, Convergence, Water vapor content, WRF model, 3D-Var system
  • Citation: Chang, Y. L., H. C. Yeh, G. R. Liu, C. Y. Liu, C. C. Liu, and T. H. Lin, 2017: Monsoon effect simulation on typhoon rainfall potential - Typhoon Morakot (2009). Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 28, 11-21, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.08.17.01(CCA)
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Ming-Hsu Li, Kai-Jia Tseng, Ching-Pin Tung, Dong-Sin Shih, and Tzu-Ming Liu
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2016.08.23.02(CCA)
  • Keywords: Climate change, Water resources, Vulnerability, Resilience, Adaptation measures
  • Citation: Li, M. H., K. J. Tseng, C. P. Tung, D. S. Shih, and T. M. Liu, 2017: Assessing water resources vulnerability and resilience of southern Taiwan to climate change. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 28, 67-81, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2016.08.23.02(CCA)
Published in Hydrology
  • Author(s): Gin-Rong Liu and Peiwen Lu
  • DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2017.02.15.01(CCA)
  • Keywords: adaptation, climate change, decision-making, Taiwan Integrated Research Programme on Climate Change Adaptation Technology (TaiCCAT)
  • Citation: Liu, G. R. and P. Lu, 2017: Would science serve decision-making to adapt the impact of climate change? Introduction to Climate Change Adaptation - scientific evidence, assessment framework and decision-making. Terr. Atmos. Ocean. Sci., 28, I-V, doi: 10.3319/TAO.2017.02.15.01(CCA)
Published in Hydrology
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